Hereís Rippon Mount, nestled in a widespread canvas of nature. In all its sublime details and splendid beauties. Well above a height of 2500 ft., here you will fall in love with the pristine nature. And we cannot give you any word especially on the mesmeric wide view of the Soochipara waterfalls from Rippon. Explore this wild world here in Wayanad, one of the must-see destinations in godís own country.
ďHad a great time here, loved the food, ambience and, more than everything the hospitality of the staff, and would love to come here again"
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ďVery picturiouslocation ,good architecture ,Quality of food and service is extremely good . I will be happy to stay again"
A green carpet; thatís how Rippon feels like in the abundance of nature. We have painstakingly kept its essence all over and our independent cottages stands in tune with its surrounds. Itís a world of your own where nothing except the soothing nature comes in between. Itís a call of the wild where you are excitingly isolated in the splendours of nature. Itís a feel where you forget the world and bask in its luxuries.
Rippon Mount Resorts has all the luxury you need amidst romantic natural surroundings. Teeming with fauna and flora, we offer never ending surprises to the curious adventurer. His languid counterpart can enjoy the snug cabins, scrumptious meals and drink in the breathtaking scenery from the comfort of the easy chair.
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